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Do you NEED a real estate agent if you are a buyer? "Can't I just call the agent on the sign?"


In short, YES, you need a buyers agent.  Yes you can call the agent on the sign, but who does that agent work for?  THE SELLER!  Do they have your best interests at heart?  Not really.  They have an official contract with the seller to give them "fiduciary" commitment.  They can tell the seller everything you say to them. The represent the seller.  

A buyers agent represents YOU! They do not tell the seller or the selling agent anything that you do not want them to tell.  They help you form a strategy and plan of action on your purchase. They also can help you connect with a lender that has lower fee's than most, they know inspectors, appraisers, home repair specialists and can guide you to picking the perfect home as well as maintaining it after your purchase. 

With a buyers agent you know that someone is on your side making sure you get what you need and guiding you through the whole process.  
Interview agents and decide which one will best fit your needs.  Make sure they listen to you. Make sure they offer up meaningful content and education when needed. It isn't just about the agent unlocking the door and writing the contracts for you.  They need to understand you and your goals.  They are a coach, teacher, friend, employee. We fill all those roles to make sure the transaction goes smoothly. Ask questions, take notes, stay in contact with your agent.  They will get you through the process without having to feel like you donated a kidney and your first born. : )  I invite you to interview me no matter what stage you are in regarding a future home purchase.  Even if you are a year away from starting the process to buy a home I can help you set goals and give you the direction you need to be fully prepared when the day comes that you are ready to shop! Don't wait until the last minute; it can cost you your dream home. 

Happy House Hunting!  



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